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Use this product at your own risk and assume all liabilities resulting from any use, misuse or abuse of this product.

To accept all liability arising from and free Pollen Extractor P.E Ltd and all other wholesalers and or retailers, from any and all liability.

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*** Note ***
Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Regular shipping: $11.99. This is added automatically at checkout.

Expedited Shipping Upgrade

To Upgrade to Expedited Shipping please click the add to cart button below. Expedited Shipping is an extra $7.00.

Honey Bee Extractor - $25.99
(holds up to 28 grams of Herb)
Queen Bee Extractor - $34.99
(holds up to 100 grams of Herb)
Killer Bee - $84.99
(holds approx 80 grams fill loosely do not pack tightly)
Vapbong - $49.99

40 Honey Bee Filters - $4.99

20 Queen Bee Filters - $4.99

40 Killer Bee Filters - $4.99

2 Gram Vial - $0.50
(does not fit with the scraper or adapter)
3.5 Gram Vial - $0.55
(needs adaptor to fit the scraper)
5 Gram Vial - $0.60
(needs adapter to fit the scraper)
7.5 Gram Vial - $0.70

14.5 Gram Vial - $0.80

30 Gram Vial - $1.20

Scraper - $9.99
(fits our 7.5g, 14.5g, and 30g vials)
Scraper adapter - $6.99
(fits our 3.5g and 5g vials)
Scraper Set - $14.99
(fits all our vials EXCEPT the 2 gram vial)

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